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Scott Westerfeld

      Scott Westerfeld

Scott was born in Texas on May 5, 1963. He lives in New York City and Sydney, Australia. He is married to author Justine Larbalestier.

Scott has written 18 novels—five adult novels and 13 young adult novels. He has done some ghostwriting including three of the Powerpuff Girl Choose Your Own Adventure books.

He is best known for his young adult series, “Uglies.” These books are about a world where cosmetic surgery is mandatory when you turn 16.

His most recent series is “Leviathan”—a steampunk retelling of WWI.  -  Another one of Scott's trilogies is called Midnighters - tales of five teenagers born at midnight, where time freezes every night.

In his newest series, “Zeroes,” he collaborates with two other authors, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti, to tell the story about six California teens who have powers that set them apart from everyone else.



·      Uglies – Uglies (1), Pretties (2), Specials (3), Extras (4)

·      Leviathan – Leviathan (1), Behemoth (2), Goliath (3)

·      Midnighters – The Secret Hour (1), Touching Darkness (2), Blue Noon (3)

·      Zeroes – Zeroes (1), Swarms (2)

·      Horizon – Horizon (1)

 Stand Alone Books

·      Spill Zone

·      Afterworlds

·      Peeps, So Yesterday, The Last Days (These are companion novels. They each follow a different group of characters in the same time frame. They can be read in any order.)

Click HERE to see his webpage.

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