MHS Weightroom

The Weight Room is nearing completion; here is some information for when it is completed and ready to go. 


In an effort to be able to keep our equipment up to date and in good working order we will be adjusting our fee structure to reflect the realistic costs of having this facility operational. The following will be the fee structure going forward.







(2 adults/2 kids)

1 month





6 month





12 month






  • “Students” include any current MHS student grades 10-12. Junior High Students will not be permitted to buy individual memberships as they require adult supervision to use the facility (see rules).
  • All memberships (Couple and Family) must be residents of the same home, the family rate will cover junior high students that parents want to accompany to the facility.
  • Payment is done in advance or with post dated cheques if required.
  • Failure to follow the facility rules will result in loss of access until meeting with facility management. If issues continue access will be terminated without refund.

Rules/Gym Etiquette  

  • No JH students will be permitted access without Adult supervision outside school approved hours (8:30am-4:30pm)
  • Memberships can not be shared, doing so result in membership suspension without refund.
  • Visiting Family members will be required to pay a drop in rate if they would like access to the facility.
  • All music will be run through personal headphones.
  • Equipment must be treated with respect ( put away properly, not dropped beyond reasonable height)
  • Bathroom area is to be as clean as you found it. (Do not leave things behind)
  • Lockers can only have a lock on them while working out. Locks left on lockers will be removed at owners expense, personal items left at own risk.
  • Food and Drink will be limited to water or work out supplement drinks and bars.
  • No exceptions children under the age of 12 will not be permitted access to weight room. 

Weight-room and Change Room Hours

The gym will no longer be open 24 hours. A swipe system will be used to access the gym. With the added change rooms and showers available custodial will need time to clean and make sure people are cleared out. On weekends staff will be coming in to close things up so the hours will be slightly reduced.

Weekdays   5am-11pm

Weekends   5am- 9pm

In rare situations the gym will not be open due to special events, we will try to avoid this as much as possible but in some situations it is unavoidable and we appreciate your understanding.


Questions and Concerns can be emailed to:


We look forward to hearing from you.

MHS Weight Room

Gym Information Session and Sign Up- CL 157

Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm