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2019 Exam Schedule


Exam Schedule June 2019

ICCL  refers to rooms in the Innovation Centre

CL Refers to rooms in the main building

Date Room # Supervisor(s)

Wednesday, June 12

English 30-1/2 Part A CL159 Passey,Christensen(2)

Blackmore (3), Christensen (L)

Leavitt (4)

Thursday, June 13

Social Studies 30-1 Part A ICCL106 Harker (1), Butler(2)

Hansen (3), Doig (L) Blackmore 4

Tuesday, June 18 is the last day of regular classes


Wednesday, June 19 AM (8:30-12:00)

Math 30-1 CL154 Sommerfeldt

Math 30-2 CL 156 Harker

Social Studies 20 ICCL106 Christensen

Social Studies 20 CL 158 Kusick

Science 9 PAT CL150 Orr

Science 9 PAT CL149 Hansen

LA 8A ICCL 104 Bettger

LA 8B CL 157 Gilson

LA 8C CL160 Butler

Social Studies 7A ICCL 103 Broadhead

Social Studies 7B ICCL 102 Stewart

Thursday June 20, AM

English 30 Part B CL 159 Christensen

English 20 CL158 Kusick

Physics 20 CL157 Noad

Science 10 CL149 Hansen

Social Studies 10 ICCL 106 Sommerfeldt

Social Studies 9A PAT CL 154 Gilson

Social Studies 9B PAT CL 156 Blackmore

Math 8A ICCL107 Leavitt

Math 8B CL 160 Butler

Math 8C ICCL103 Woolf

Math 7A ICCL 102 Stewart

Math 7B CL 146 Harker

Math 7C ICCL 104 Bettger


June 21 is Aboriginal Day.  No exams. This day should be used by students to review with their teachers and get all of their work handed in that is unfinished. Teachers will be available to review with students.


Monday June 24 A.M. (8:30-12:00)

Social Studies 30 Part B ICCL106 Kusick

Biology 20 CL 149 Hansen

Chem 20 CL 150 Orr

Math 10 ICCL 103 Noad

English 10 CL 146 Strate

LA 9A PAT CL 154 Butler

LA 9B PAT CL156 Woolf

Science 8A ICCL106 Sommerfeldt

Science 8B ICCL107 Leavitt

Science 8C ICCL102 Stewart

LA 7A CL157 Bettger

LA 7B CL160 Passey

LA 7C CL 159 Harker


Tuesday June 25 A.M. (8:30-12:00)

Biology 30 CL 149 Butler

Science 14/24 CL 150 Orr

Math 9A PAT CL 156 Woolf

Math 9B PAT CL 154 Noad

Science 7A CL 160 Hansen

Science 7B ICCL 102 Sommerfeldt

Science 7C ICCL 107 Leavitt

Social Studies 8A CL 146 Strate

Social Studies 8B ICCL 106 Simon

Social Studies 8C CL159 Passey

Wednesday June 26 A.M. (8:30-12:00)

Chemistry 30 CL 150 Harker

Marketing ICCL105 Sommerfeldt

CALM CL146 Strate

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