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Book your Appointment for Meet The Teacher Night

Dear Parents/Guardians of 7-12 students,

We are excited for the start of the new semester and look forward too many opportunities to visit with you about your child’s education. We know that communication between home and school is key in the education process, and would like to open this communication door with your child(s) new teachers with a short Meet the Teacher Conference.

The purpose of this meeting is for you to tell us anything about your child that you think will help us ensure they have a successful rest of the school year, or to ask any questions about our programs, routines and expectations.

We have scheduled Thursday, February 27th from 4:30-8:30 for these 10-minute meetings.

             To make an appointment for these individual meetings, please CLICK HERE

  1. Click on “Register Now”
  2. Put in your name and add all of your children you want to set up meetings for, and hit next.
  3. Select a School, which is MHS.
  4. Select a teacher for each meeting and hit next.
  5. Pick the time you want to book, then hit submit. For some reason the times only show up until 6:30. If you want to book after 6:30, you need to scroll to the right to show more times.
  6. You should now get an email confirmation showing the times you have booked. If you want to delete, or reschedule, or add to your calendar, you can do that from this confirmation email.

     If you cannot make this date work in your schedule, a phone call or email to your child’s teacher is always welcome. Thanks for all your help so far this school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


Brad Sabey

Principal, Magrath High School

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