The Journey from Farm to Table

Grade 8 students in Magrath learned more about the journey that our food takes from farm to table today as part of a science unit on separating earth’s mixtures. Students spent time studying the way food is processed and refined before it hits the shelf in the store.

This initiative was supported by the Sustainable Agriculture Education Partnership (SAEP), a secondary school-oriented educational initiative which involves the Town of Magrath, Westwind School Division, post-secondary institutions, and corporate and institutional participants.   The vision of the SAEP is to engage agriculturally-oriented businesses, communities, students and educators at a grassroots level in expanding the agricultural economy of rural Canada by capitalizing on domestic and global opportunities in food, nutrition, business and technology. You can learn more about this program by clicking HERE.

Magrath High School would like to thank to Gary and Melissa Stanford, BJ and Jody Scheirlinck, Rod and Lisa Foggin, Tom Bennett, Ross May, and Clayton Gast for volunteering their time and expertise today.