Staff Directory


Photo of Ryan Blackmore

Ryan Blackmore

Vice Principal / Athletic Director

Phone: 403-758-3366

Photo of Jill Byrgesen

Jill Byrgesen

Vice Principal / Learning Support Coordinator

Photo of Russ Sommerfeldt

Russ Sommerfeldt


Phone: 403-758-3366

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Ila Ehlert

Ila Ehlert

Photo of Katie Selk

Katie Selk

Academic Advisor

Photo of Mike Hansen

Mr. Mike Hansen


Photo of Jordan Brame

Jordan Brame


Photo of Barb Broadhead

Barb Broadhead


Photo of Seth Burdett

Seth Burdett

Photo of Riley Flexhaug

Riley Flexhaug

Photo of Brent Gilson

Brent Gilson


Photo of Chandra Gold

Chandra Gold

Photo of Mike Hansen

Mike Hansen

Photo of Jared Leavitt

Jared Leavitt


Photo of Mitch Maxwell

Mitch Maxwell

Photo of Craig Noad

Craig Noad

B.Sc, B.Ed

Photo of Shane Orr

Shane Orr

B.Sc, B.Ed

Photo of Jeanine Passey

Jeanine Passey

B.A, B.Ed

Photo of Riley Sabey

Riley Sabey

Photo of Peter Simon

Peter Simon


Photo of Holly Steed

Holly Steed

Photo of Erick Stewart

Erick Stewart


Photo of Ron Strate

Ron Strate

Photo of Ray Wilde

Ray Wilde

Photo of Michael Woolf

Michael Woolf


Learning Support

Photo of Jill Byrgesen

Jill Byrgesen

Learning Support Coordinator

Educational Assistants

Photo of Jessica Albiston

Jessica Albiston

Photo of Tanis Beazer

Tanis Beazer

Photo of Sherry Becker

Sherry Becker

Photo of Megan Bourne

Megan Bourne

placeholder image for Ngambo Ellis

Ngambo Ellis

Photo of Ranae Hatch

Ranae Hatch

placeholder image for Elena Heggie

Elena Heggie

Photo of Shari Hiebert

Shari Hiebert

Photo of Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson

Photo of JaNae Morales

JaNae Morales

placeholder image for Kamryn Nelson

Kamryn Nelson

Photo of Karen Runquist

Karen Runquist

Photo of Patrice Strate

Patrice Strate

placeholder image for Macie Wocknitz

Macie Wocknitz


Photo of Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith

Library Staff

Photo of Shannon Gieske

Shannon Gieske


Photo of Cynthia Ralph

Cynthia Ralph

Assistant Librarian


placeholder image for Lloyd Cahoon

Mr. Lloyd Cahoon

placeholder image for Abdul Farah

Mr. Abdul Farah

Photo of Lois Harris

Mrs. Lois Harris

Head Custodian

placeholder image for Mr. Herman Reigling

Mr. Herman Reigling